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Artist Highlight: Beware Wolves

The stellar previous opener "Badsome" re-enters a Beware Wolves disc, but this time only on track number 7. So I want to direct your attention to the opening of this record with "After The War" in which the performance reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel or Mountain Goats more closely resembles poignant passionate burining arrows targeting my heart! Anna is loaded with love and melancholic glamour. "Another Song" consists of a rather charming and harmonious change of pace. The door to this introspective acoustic album is closed and locked with a golden key with the closer "Black & Blue" which only further enhances the melancholy intrinsic to the album

Do yourself a huge favor and check out the original album: "Beware Wolves, vol. 1"!

The Pigeon added the new single to his Weekly Gems playlist on Spotify. You can check out the released music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases

Words by The Pigeon

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