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Artist Highlight: 9 O'CLOCK NASTY

After running the underground with a brilliantly cartoony hook on the hit "Darker Star", 9' O Clock Nasty return with hard post punk, alternative garage and stoner rock riffs on "Team Player"! This incredibly charismatic tune brings the noise and playful melodies typical of britpop while the electrifying solos demonstrate an incredible symbiotic synergy - proving this group really plays as a team - especially the drummer who carries the single with extraordinary infectious drums! "Team Player" guarantees to be satirical and ironic and once again the chorus really shines by being superbly catchy and addictive! Also of note are innovative artsy lo-fi ideas involving reverb and challenging motifs to the listener. Quirky and punky - another big W for this promising underground group!

The Pigeon added the new single to his Weekly Gems playlist on Spotify.

You can check out the released music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases.

Words by The Pigeon

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